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Okinawa Karate Kenkyukai awards Akamine sensei for his commitment to the dissemination Okinawan Traditional Kobudo

17/02/2020 18:52
The second MERIT RECOGNITION for the dissemination of Okinawan Traditional Karate and Kobudo, issued by our institution, was handed over to Akamine Hiroshi sensei, 9th dan Ryukyu Kobudo Shimbukan. The plaque was given to the Master during the 2nd Ryukyu Kobudo Shimbukan national seminar in Torino,...


17/02/2020 18:10
The 2nd national seminar of Ryukyu Kobudo Shimbukan and Mukenkai Shorin-ryu was held in Turin and Milan. The seminar was led by Hiroshi Akamine sensei, assisted by Hamby Dell sensei and Sacaba Santiago sensei. On 14 February there was a private seminar for a few members, while the main seminar...


16/12/2019 15:28
In December 2019 was held a triple event of Traditional Okinawan Karate, which took place in the cities of Turin, Milan and Padua, where the three seminars were held. The event covered the three main styles of Okinawan Traditional Karate: the Shorin-ryu, the Goju-ryu and the...


05/11/2019 12:10
The relations between the Okinawan institutions and the Italian ones, concerning traditional martial arts, are relatively recent. But let's take a step back first in order to better understand the situation. Traditional Karate and Kobudo from Okinawa made their appearance in Italy years after...

Santiago Sacaba sensei participates in the Karate exhibition during the Urasoe festival

29/10/2019 14:49
Santiago Sacaba sensei, along with some of his Argentine students, participated in the Karate exhibition of the 28th festival of the city of Urasoe, the Shiroma tībī dai tsunahiki. This evening festival features performances of Karate and Kobudo, but also a tug-of-war similar to the one held at the...

Emanuel Giordano meets again the Okinawa Karate Information Center's manager.

11/10/2019 13:11
Second meeting of the year between the head of Okinawa Karate Kenkyukai Emanuel Giordano sensei, and the head of the Okinawa Karate Information Center Kunio Uehara sensei. As always, the information already dealt with in the half-yearly reports sent to the aforementioned office was examined in...

New event of Uechi-ryu Okikukai Italy in Pesaro

06/10/2019 15:16
New Uechi-ryu Okikukai event in Pesaro! The lesson was held by Gaetano Palumbo sensei 3rd dan, assisted by Stefano Carreri sensei 3rd dan. The technical level of the group, born a few months ago, is constantly growing. Congratulations!

Seminar for the 5th anniversary of the Italian Center for Okinawan Traditional Shorin-ryu Karate

05/10/2019 15:18
On October 5, 2019, a seminar was held to celebrate the 5th anniversary of the Italian Center for Okinawan Traditional Shorin-ryu Karate. In addition to some of the practitioners of the aforementioned school (Shorin-ryu and Kobudo Ryukonkai), other members of the Okinawa Karate Kenkyukai attended...

Introductory seminar of Uechi-ryu in Pesaro

30/07/2019 12:03
In July Gaetano Palumbo sensei, 3rd dan Uechi-ryu Okikukai Italy, assisted by Stefano Carreri, also 3rd dan Uechi-ryu Okikukai Italy, directed an introductory and informal seminar of Uechi-ryu Okikukai in Pesaro. The practitioners were enthusiastic about what they could experience. We wish the best...

Two Goju-ryu seminars for Maritan sensei

30/07/2019 11:59
Mattia Maritan, 6th dan Renshi of Okinawa Goju-ryu Kenkyukai, held two splendid seminars in July 2019. The first was at Formigine, at the Nenryukan gymnasium, and the second at his personal dojo in Padua. Another member of the Okinawa Karate Kenkyukai, Davide Mazzola sensei, also took part in the...
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