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The 6th Kobudo Gasshuku

01/03/2023 16:05
The 6th Kobudo Gasshuku took place in Milan on Saturday 25 February 2023.
During this meeting Tonfa (truncheon), Sai (tridents) and Tekko (iron brass knuckles) weapons were studied. To "open the dance" was Matteo Brianti sensei, with the kata Maezato no Tekko and the related practical applications of this simple but deadly weapon. Subsequently it was the turn of Stefano Sutti sensei, who introduced the Hama Higa no Tonfa kata, and who subsequently guided the group in the practice of Bo tai Tonfa (fighting techniques with Tonfa, used against the long stick). Finally, the group compared the different versions of the Chikin Shitahaku Nu Sai kata.
Also this time the aim was to make an exchange between different schools and interpretations, in order to increase the level of knowledge of all the participants.
We thank all those present for participating.