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The 4th Kobudo Gasshuku

08/11/2022 15:37

The first three meetings took place in the 2021/2022 season in Settimo Torinese, Milan and Moncalieri. On this occasion the Eku (oar) and Rokushaku Bo (long stick) weapons were studied.  

The kick-off was given by Stefano Sutti sensei with the beautiful kata Tsuken Sunakake no Eku. The next round was that of the Bogu Kumibo (full contact combat with the Bo and with the armor), managed by Emanuel Giordano sensei and Matteo Brianti sensei, who respectively presented a pre-established combat work and one of free exchanges. Then followed the techniques to disarm the opponent with the Bo, presented by Matteo Brianti sensei. Finally, Emanuel Giordano sensei introduced Taira sensei's Koryu Shushi no kun. 

There was no lack of moments of discussion, debate and exchanges of ideas between different schools, which are the beating heart of these events of technical exchange. We thank all those present for their participation and, in particular, Gaetano Palumbo sensei for the video shooting A great start to the new meetings series!