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Seminar with Nakayama Takafumi sensei

05/10/2023 15:02

On October 5th, a seminar with Kyoshi Takafumi Nakayama, 7th dan Shidokan Shorin-ryu OSKK, took place in Settimo, at one of the dojo of the Centro italiano per il Karate Tradizionale Shorin-ryu. The master, coming from the Fukuoka dojo, focused the seminar on kumite exercises contemplating the typical movements of Shorin-ryu, also including the "soft blocks" (nagashi-uke), techniques which aim to close the distance with the opponent to deliver powerful counterattacks from close range. Although the event took place during the week, 44 people attended, which is why it will definitely be organized again next year. We thank Emanuel Giordano sensei for organizing the event.