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Kobudo Gasshuku

05/03/2022 10:35
On Saturday 5 March 2022 the third Kobudo Gasshuku took place in Moncalieri, at the dojo of Matteo Brianti sensei. With this event the first cycle of meetings related to Okinawan Kobudo ended. The first event took place in October 2021 in Settimo Torinese, at one of the dojos of Emanuel Giordano sensei's school, while the second took place in January 2022 in Milan, organized by Stefano Sutti sensei.
During these three meetings kata and fighting techniques were studied with Bo, Sai, Tonfa, Nunchaku and Tekko, alongside traditional and modern exercises, in order to enrich the practitioners' experience. The goal, also in this case, was SHARING!
Given the success of the initiative, a second round of meetings concerning this wonderful martial art will soon begin!